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cavities formed on teeth

What Are The Different Types Of Cavity?

A dental cavity is one of the most common dental issues. Sometimes, you feel a little twinge in your mouth when biting down on food. This indicates a sign that you have sensitive teeth or weaker bone owing to a calcium deficiency, for example. The pain will likely grow when this happens as well.  If

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Keeping Bone Health Strong With Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium is a vital property for strong enamel but also for bone health because it reduces osteoporosis. Not only that, but a healthy smile goes a long way in demonstrating a better quality of life. In order to enjoy a healthy smile, there are two properties that you would need to thank: Calcium and Vitamin

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Acid Attack On Enamel

Understanding How Acid Damages Teeth

If you’re regularly drinking sodas and eating sugary snacks as part of your diet, have you consciously noticed how this has degraded your teeth? You may need to consider changing your diet before your teeth get progressively worse. Let’s understand how this impacts your acidic levels and how acid damages teeth. To put it simply,

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Wahroonga Root Canal Treatment

The Common Misconceptions and Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment is probably the most misunderstood form of cosmetic treatment in dentistry today. This countless number of articles that you read on the internet give you different and conflicting information which is separated from the truth. Root Canal these days is given the name of the most daunting form of treatment. This myth

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5 Key Benefits In Wearing a Dental Mouth Guard at Night

Do You Find That Your Teeth Grind At Night? Bruxism is the real term is known for teeth clenching or grinding while you sleep. This is typically caused by stress, anxiety, missing or crooked teeth, worn tooth enamel, and tooth sensitivity. To protect your teeth from this, a custom-fitted mouth guard is recommended. Not only

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Turramurra Dentist

5 Reasons To Regularly Visit A Dental Hygienist

You Should Not Neglect Your Oral Health And Here’s Why Although you may think your teeth are clean and healthy, and you may feel you don’t need to visit a dental hygienist, the truth is it is too good to be true. Many people naturally don’t take their oral hygiene seriously and suffer the consequences

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5 Key Benefits Why You Should Save Your Natural Tooth

Suffering from tooth pain is one of the most painful experiences. This is typically due to your tooth either becoming infected or diseased and even if pulling your tooth out is the simple decision to make, it might not necessarily be the best decision. Why? Because the benefits of saving your natural teeth outweigh any

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