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Here’s Why and When You’ll Need To Consider Dental Implants

Do you ever wonder whether dental implant treatment is right for you? Do you ever wonder when you can qualify for a dental implant? Many people get dental implants to replace teeth for a variety of reasons. You may suffer from a lot of pain, have a decayed or cracked tooth or have dentures fitted which cause irritation. The loss of a single tooth can have dramatic and long-lasting effects not just to your teeth but to your full oral health.  It must be treated in a timely manner to maintain a strong facial appearance.

Although the mainstay of dentistry to replace teeth has been fitting dental bridges. Thankfully due to modern technology, dental implant treatment is recommended much more than others. Its success rate is a key contribution to this. A dental implant is an artificial tooth infused into the jawbone that doesn’t need support from neighboring teeth like bridges. They function exactly like your natural teeth which is a bonus.


The Signs To Look Out For

So, what are the signs that you’ll need to consider dental implant treatment?

  1. Your Tooth Has Become Deeply Infected – An infected tooth sometimes may need extracting to make way for an artificial tooth. A dental implant avoids further damage and reduces your pain significantly.
  2. Your Jaw Stops Stimulating – Implants promote osseointegration just like your natural teeth. This performs the stimulation of the bone that your jaw needs to maintain strength, structure and support to your teeth. Jaw bone loss can lead to a permanent change in your facial appearance. This means aging in a very short space of time.
  3. You Experience Irritation of Gums – Gum irritation is typically experienced with old dentures that eventually lead to discomfort when wearing them. Dentures are more of a temporary solution. Implants are permanent and function like your normal teeth. They don’t rub off the gum line to cause irritation and is a solid replacement.
  4. You Experience Difficulty In Chewing – When you lose a tooth, the surrounding structure of your mouth begins to deteriorate if the gap is kept missing. This also causes a misalignment in your bite which means difficulty in enjoying your favorite meals. This causes further jaw pain amongst other issues.
  5. Your Tooth Has Become Severely Cracked – There is nothing you can do if your tooth is severely cracked unless you get it treated. Although the goal in this instance would be to save as much of your natural tooth as possible, this assessment will be taken by your dentist. Usually, the best solution is to have an implant if severely cracked.

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Dental Implant Costs

To Conclude…

Dental Implants will make you look and feel natural for life. They can really make you smile confidently. Therefore, implants are such a popular choice to restore naturality. You will have no problems functioning your mouth normally to chew, talk and bite. Ensure you maintain positive oral hygiene and avoid bad habits. Doing this will mean you will reap the rewards of implant treatment.

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