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The Common Misconceptions and Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment is probably the most misunderstood form of cosmetic treatment in dentistry today. This countless number of articles that you read on the internet give you different and conflicting information which is separated from the truth. Root Canal these days is given the name of the most daunting form of treatment. This myth couldn’t be further from the truth.

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If you’re in need of treatment due to an infected or diseased tooth, you must be given the right information on the type of treatment that will help. Root canal treatment is the most necessary, especially if its deeply decayed or has a crack. If untreated it can get worse and may need to be pulled out.

Root canal treatment is all about saving the tooth. Here are four common myths about root canal treatment.

The Four Myths

  1. Root Canal Treatment Is Uncomfortable and Painful – Root Canal treatment is completely the opposite because the purpose of it is to relieve the pain from the infected tooth. The infected area can be sedated. Root Canal is effectively the same as applying a filling to the infected tooth known as the crown and is painless.
  2. You’ll Become Ill with Root Canal Treatment – Research conducted in the 1920s by Dr. Weston A. Price was responsible for this myth being progressed as false information. There is no valid scientific evidence which suggests that Root Canal treatment causes illness. In fact, the treatment is intended to remove any bacteria from the infected tooth and to prevent reinfection. Root Canal’s do not cause illness in any way but prevents it.
  3. Get Your Tooth Extracted Instead of Root Canal – If a tooth is damaged or cracked, some people believe that your tooth is already damaged and should be extracted. However, it is always best to save your natural teeth as much as possible. Having an artificial tooth is not the same as a well-functioned natural tooth. If you decide to get your tooth extracted, this requires more treatment to your surrounding teeth and putting your oral health in more danger.
  4. There Are No Long-Lasting Benefits with A Root Canal – The initial benefit of a root canal is that your pain is instantly relieved. This myth came from patients who experienced a cracked tooth soon after root canal treatment. The force applied to your teeth from biting and grinding may mean your tooth becomes fragile. Therefore, you must get a crown placed. Providing the root canal is well-looked after, the results are long-term.

So, Is A Root Canal Worth it?

Inaccurate information makes patients who have infected teeth to make the wrong decision on what the correct treatment is. If the pulp of your tooth has become inflamed from untreated decay, root canal treatment is necessary. It is safe and very effective in saving your natural tooth. The more of the natural tooth you save, the better it is for your oral health.

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