Keeping Bone Health Strong With Calcium and Vitamin D

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Calcium is a vital property for strong enamel but also for bone health because it reduces osteoporosis. Not only that, but a healthy smile goes a long way in demonstrating a better quality of life.

In order to enjoy a healthy smile, there are two properties that you would need to thank: Calcium and Vitamin D. These nutrients help to maintain strong bone throughout your life, and your bone is the anchor for your teeth.

Although, calcium can keep your bone health strong if your body has enough vitamin D because calcium is absorbed from it.

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How Can I Keep My Vitamin D Levels Strong?

Low vitamin D continues to be a health concern, but there are some simple ways you can maintain your Vitamin D levels. It is highly recommended that you take at least 10-20 micrograms of Vitamin D, which works out to 400-800 international units (IU) a day. A healthy benchmark is 1000 international units (IU).

  • Spend Time In Sunlight – Sunshine is one of the best forms of Vitamin D.
  • Eat Seafood – Fatty fish and seafood contain high sources of Vitamin D. A can of Salmon serving up to 100g can provide approximately 380 IU of Vitamin D (1).
  • Eggs – Egg yolks have natural Vitamin D content. Consider eating free-range and pastured eggs.
  • Vitamin Supplements – To ensure adequate intake, taking supplements central to Vitamin D is a great option. Of course, ensure you do adequate research to ensure the best and healthiest supplements.

The recommended Vitamin D intake is lower for children and adolescent ages, where its recommended a minimum of 400 IU is consumed. Less vitamin D will cause acid build-up that damages teeth.

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What Happens If You Have Low Levels Of Calcium?

Low levels of calcium is known as having a calcium deficiency. Most people aren’t aware that a cacium deficiency can cause you to feel lethargic, anxious and muscle spasms. With regards to your oral health, your bone will become weak, resulting in fragility of your smile as your teeth can fall out as well.

The very best sources of calcium can be found in your diet. There are many healthy food choices you can adopt in your diet today, such as leafy greern vegetables, dairy, fish and eggs.

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