Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment could be the right dental treatment for you and be the ultimate saviour. A root canal is performed to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth. The procedure involves removing the damaged area of the tooth (the pulp), cleaning and disinfecting it, and then filling and sealing it.

  • Save your tooth, its not too late
  • Remove the infection fast
  • Eliminate the pain

Root canal treatment is a fairly straight forward dental procedure once your dentist has conducted a consultation with you & a complete check up and clean with a dental x-ray has been conducted.

Root Canal therapy by an endodontist at Wahroonga is an life changing procedure that our Sydney Dentist team are qualified to provide. It is the only way a badly decayed & damaged tooth can be saved fully.

This treatment is associated with pain, mainly due to the fact there is some recovery time required from a healing perspective & some pain. Having said that, its procedures are designed to get you out of pain immediately.

What should I expect from the Root Canal Treatment?

The inner part of the tooth is accessed via a small hole. The endodontist will then remove any diseased soft tissue with special equipment. The tooth is cleaned out and then disinfected without pulp tissue and nerves so the tooth will no longer feel pain. Sleeping, eating & living is now comfortable again and that weight is off your shoulders.

The root canals will then be shaped, filled, & sealed with adhesive material to prevent bacteria from re-entering the tooth and causing another infection. Wahroonga Dental Group will provide you with a full schedule of events so you can protect the root & understand the different stages of healing and care you need to do.

Once the procedure has completed, we will ask you to come back to Wahroonga at around the 2 week mark where you get your new permanent tooth. A modern root canal can last decades if it’s cared for correctly and you are attending your 6 month check up and cleans.


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