Why Does My Jaw Hurt? The Common Causes Of Jaw Pain

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If you experience jaw pain, it can be a sign of something common like oral pain or toothache. Throbbing jaw pain can be caused by many things. Pain becomes more susceptible and could become inflamed. Thankfully, dentistry has all the viable solutions available to reduce your jaw pain and to make sure your teeth are not impacted. Where your teeth are impacted, the dentist will ensure they get the care and treatment they deserve to help you smile confidently and painlessly.

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The Common Causes

Here are the common causes of jaw pain that you should be aware of:

  • You Grind Your Teeth At Night – Teeth Grinding, also known as Bruxism is a parafunctional habit where the upper and lower teeth clench together during sleep. T creates tension in the mouth and jaw. You begin to feel facial soreness and stiffness every morning. Consider wearing a mouthguard to halt any teeth grinding and to help keep your jaw muscles relaxed. The dentist will also provide tips on how to reduce stress, such as taking up meditation.
  • You Suffer From An Abnormal Bite – An awkward or abnormal bite is one of the more popular causes of jaw pain. A good bite is where your teeth are straight, and the upper jaw is slight in front of the lower jaw when biting down. An uneven bite means your jaw cannot function as it should. Invisalign braces or traditional braces may be offered to restore the teeth to its correct position and keep them straight.
  • Your Tooth Is In Pain – You could be suffering from a tooth abscess. An abscess is common if your teeth have been suffering for a long time without visiting the dentist. Pus can form inside the teeth that are caused by bacteria.

Is your tooth still in pain after treatment? Follow the signs by reading here.

  • You Have Nerve Damage – Sometimes jaw pain can stem from nerve pain. Known as trigeminal neuralgia, the nerve is compressed, causing a sensation to the face and jaw. The pain can be mild to severe, but the pain is intense, and you’ll need to get it seen to immediately.
  • You Suffer From TMJ Disorder – Known as temporomandibular disorder, or TMD, the joints of the jaw is affected. This causes the jaw to make an irritating clicking sound when opening the mouth or chewing on food. If not treated early, the jaw could become stiff or even stuck in its place.

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What We Say…

Jaw pain cannot be identified at home, which is why it is important that you consult your local dentist as soon as possible if you’re experiencing mild or severe pain. Jaw pain is impossible to ignore, and the dentist will need to examine the root cause to capture the problem early and to provide treatment.

If you’re experiencing jaw pain and need assistance, contact us at Wahroonga Dental Group.


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