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calcium foods for strong oral health

Are You Showing Signs Of Calcium Deficiency?

Are you eating the right foods to protect your oral health? If your oral health is showing signs of degrading, then it might well be due to the food and drink you eat. There are certain properties that your oral health needs so you can shine off those strong pearly whites every single day. What

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What Can You Do About Tooth Abrasion?

If you care for your teeth, the results of this are a strong, white smile that can last almost a lifetime. Caring for your teeth with strong oral hygiene requires daily care. If your oral health does not get the necessary care it needs, you will begin to suffer with tooth wear. The most common

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person with crooked teeth

Understanding The Different Types Of Tooth Wear

Bone and tissue grow through maturity but equally break down as we inevitably age. When this happens, teeth begin to wear down and damage your smile. This can be escalated further if you do not look after your oral health. Tooth wear can be experienced as early as the teenage years. Tooth wear is defined

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dental filling treatment

What Not To Do After A Tooth Filling

A tooth filling is a common form of treatment for those who need to fill a dental cavity, a tiny hole that forms on the tooth. There are many warning signs to a cavity, and when a cavity is found, the treatment typically involves the removal of any decayed pieces of teeth, cleaning the affected

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Lady Chewing Sugarless Gum

Does Chewing Gum Help or Harm Your Teeth?

You will have seen a lot of information on the internet linking chewing gum with oral health. Chewing gum is a natural habit for many people, but does chewing gum help or harm your teeth? Chewing on your favourite foods, unfortunately, does come with harmful preservatives that can damage your teeth, but the impact of

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Dental Emergency 1

Why Does My Jaw Hurt? The Common Causes Of Jaw Pain

If you experience jaw pain, it can be a sign of something common like oral pain or toothache. Throbbing jaw pain can be caused by many things. Pain becomes more susceptible and could become inflamed. Thankfully, dentistry has all the viable solutions available to reduce your jaw pain and to make sure your teeth are

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