The Common Causes Of Toothache

pain from toothache

Toothache can flare up at any time, but understanding the root cause of it is usually the difficult part.

When experiencing any form of sensitivity, it is a sign of toothache. Whether it be mild, severe, or throbbing pain, using over-the-counter medication is a solution that most people go for. Although, this is avoiding the root cause of the problem, meaning further damage to your oral health and emergency treatment.

The Five Common Causes Of Toothache

So, what are the common causes of toothache?

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a condition that many suffer from, and it naturally happens during sleep. The upper and lower teeth clench and grind together to cause wear-and-tear on your teeth. Teeth grinding can lead to cracks and fractures in your teeth and cause sensitivity, leading to losing one or more teeth

Cracked Tooth

A tooth can be cracked accidentally, whether it be due to biting down on a solid form of food or an abnormal bite owing to the misalignment of your teeth. The crack runs through the biting surface down to the tooth root, causing a toothache. When this happens, your tooth is in danger of becoming more infected.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the process of an acid attack forming on your teeth owing to bacteria wearing away at your enamel. Tooth Decay is a common symptom of toothache and if not treated can lead to the tooth falling out. It can cause severe toothache as well.

Damaged Or Dislodged Filling

Dental fillings can always cause future problems, and it depends on how well you take care of it. The filling can become loose or dislodged if you accidentally bite down on something hard. You need to be careful around the foods you eat around the filling. If the filling becomes dislodged, this can cause severe toothache, and the hole (cavity) in the tooth becomes exposed. Read here to learn more about the warning signs of a cavity.

Gum Abscess

If tooth decay hasn’t been treated, it can progressively become worse and cause a dental abscess. This means the tooth root has become infected, exposing the pulp and the enamel. The infection can spread and require emergency treatment.

These causes of toothache naturally occur when the pulp is exposed. Whilst there are many reasons why toothache can occur, it is important that the root cause is identified, and over-the-counter medication will only be a temporary solution.

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