Dental Emergencies

dental filling treatment

How To Take Care Of Your Filling

If you’ve recently had an opening (hole in the tooth) filled to cover a cavity, the filling needs to be taken care of appropriately. Your dental filling strength and durability depend on how well you look after it, and taking the right precautionary steps will be necessary. If your dental filling isn’t looked after, then

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pain from toothache

The Common Causes Of Toothache

Toothache can flare up at any time, but understanding the root cause of it is usually the difficult part. When experiencing any form of sensitivity, it is a sign of toothache. Whether it be mild, severe, or throbbing pain, using over-the-counter medication is a solution that most people go for. Although, this is avoiding the

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an image showing the results of cavities on teeth

What Are The Cavity Warning Signs?

A cavity is a tiny hole or opening in the centre of the tooth. When this occurs, tooth filling treatment will be required to fill the hole so that your tooth can still remain functional. A cavity can develop at any time. Pus forms inside the hole and pus is a form of bacteria, and

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showing a cavity without a filling

Take Care Of Your Filling

Appropriate care must be taken to a filled cavity through tooth filling treatment. Your tooth is vulnerable once a cavity forms and there are certain precautions you need to take in order to preserve its long-term care. There are certain steps you can take if you’ve recently had a tooth filling treatment to cover the

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dental filling dislodged

Has Your Dental Filling Fallen Out?

The most common form of tooth fillings is to plug a cavity (a hole) in the centre of the tooth. Although sometimes, a dental filling doesn’t last forever and there may be occasions where a new filling will be needed. This is especially if your dental filling has fallen out or the dental filling has

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pain from a tooth fracture

Have You Fractured Your Tooth?

It is common for a fractured tooth to occur. Teeth may be incredibly durable and strong, but they do go through a lot every day and are prone to daily wear and tear. When this happens, it can increase the chances of your teeth cracking, chipping or breaking. Even the smallest chips in the tooth

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Dental Emergency Wahroonga

Home Remedies For An Abscessed Tooth

A tooth abscess is a serious tooth infection that is formed when bacteria enter the tooth leading to the build-up of pus. This is an infection that forms inside the tooth and can occur from a broken or a cracked tooth and requires immediate dental emergency treatment. If not treated, it can spread to gum

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