How To Take Care Of Your Filling

dental filling treatment

If you’ve recently had an opening (hole in the tooth) filled to cover a cavity, the filling needs to be taken care of appropriately. Your dental filling strength and durability depend on how well you look after it, and taking the right precautionary steps will be necessary. If your dental filling isn’t looked after, then it can become dislodged or even damaged, requiring emergency treatment.

A dislodged or damaged filling is a common cause of toothache. Therefore, to avoid this and preserve the health of your filling for the long term, always taken precautionary steps to protect the affected tooth and take care of your filling.

tooth filling treatment

Here are some helpful tips to take care of your filling.

Careful Mouth Functioning

The dentist will recommend that you take extra care with overall mouth functioning. This involves being careful with what you eat, how you bite down and move the jaw. After the dental filling treatment, it will take at least 24 hours to settle. Therefore, you may consider eating on one side of the mouth whilst the filling settles.

Gently Brush Your Teeth

When brushing your teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush, be more gentle than usual around the filling to avoid any accident. The filling will feel tender once treatment is completed. Therefore, take extra caution around the affected tooth initially.

Avoid Hot And Chewy Foods

You will likely experience some sensitivity in and around the area of the filling. This is especially if you eat hot foods. Chewy foods will likely dislodge the filling after treatment. Therefore, adjust your diet and accommodate soft and mild foods so the impact of your filling won’t be felt. You may consider eating hot foods again once the filling has settled after a few days. Read here to learn about the best foods and sensitive teeth.

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Drop The Sugar

Sugar is a culprit for poor oral health, but the more you consume sugar the worse your affected tooth is going to get. The filling will remain strong if you drink more water rather than sodas.

Keep In Touch With The Dentist

If your dentist books you in for regular check-ups, then you must attend. This is the perfect time to ask any questions as well. The dentist will want to ensure there is no adverse impact on your affected tooth.

It is simple. Take care of your filling for long-term results. Good oral hygiene will also ensure that the affected tooth remains strong. Failure to look after your filling can dislodge it and potentially introduce decay.

If you’re experiencing a cavity and you need a dental filling, or you simply need further assistance to take care of your filling, check yourself in with us at Wahroonga Dental Group. Get started by clicking here.


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