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What are some of the Best Types of Dental Implant Solutions?

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How do you feel about your smile? Are you self-conscious about the gap in your smile which is left behind by a missing tooth? Do you suffer from several teeth with advanced decay? Or are you just plain tired of your old denture?  Let’s explore the different dental implant solutions that might suit you

The good news is that whatever your concern, dental implants could be the best solution. An implant may help you achieve the smile you’ve been searching for.

At Wahroonga Dental Group, we believe that everyone deserves options. Dental implants are not limited to providing one new tooth. Our implant dentist welcomes you to explore for yourself the types of dental implants we offer.

Dental Implant Costs

Single Tooth Implants

When we discuss dental implant solutions, a single implant is a common procedure. If you have one tooth or gap that needs replacement, this is the way to go. This kind of implant is helpful after a tooth is damaged in an accident. Even if you’ve had the gap for a long time, an implant could still be effective.

You could have several implants placed in different locations. Consider, for example, if you are missing one tooth on top and one on the bottom. Rather than wear a partial denture on both the top and bottom arches, you could have two implants. Dental implants are easier to care for than a dental prosthesis. They are also intended to last a lot longer.

Implant-Supported Bridges

What if you have large gaps between teeth where more than one is missing? You might choose an implant-supported bridge. Unfortunately, bridges are often not a suitable solution because they affect healthy teeth. A bridge also relies on other teeth to anchor onto.

How is an implant-supported bridge any different? It is also one of the best types of dental implant solutions.  Rather than resting on natural teeth, the false tooth is suspended between implants. The dentist would otherwise trim down healthy natural teeth. This is not necessary when a couple of sturdy implants bear the weight instead.

Dental Implant Solutions

Full-Mouth Implants

Also known as “permanent dentures,” this procedure replaces all teeth. It is ideal if you know that most of your teeth need to be extracted. If your current dentures bother you, this may be a better option.  This is another example of one of the best types of dental implant solutions.

Full-mouth implants rely on a few strategically-placed implant roots. These implants sit at an angle to make the most of existing bone, even if there is not much of it. This allows them to support a fixed denture. You could have this denture on the top or bottom arch or both. Consider the benefits of fixed dentures:

  • Eliminate any need for bone grafting
  • No more sore gums
  • No slipping dentures
  • Confidence when you eat, laugh, sneeze, or smile
  • No need for removing dentures for cleaning
  • Can be placed in a single day
  • Implants can strengthen and reinforce the existing bone

When you think of implants, don’t rule them out because you already have regular dentures. At the same time, don’t limit yourself to a regular bridge or partial denture. There is an implant solution out there that’s right for you!

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