How to Make Your Child’s Visit to the Dentist a Success


These days, we hear about increased cavities among children in Australia. Parents must take their children to the dentist when their first tooth erupts. To maintain the oral health of the child, a regular visit to the children dentistry is necessary, as it can help set their path to good oral habits in the future. A paediatric dentist treats children’s dental issues, offering gentle care.

Let’s find out how a dentist can help your child, why you should take your child to the dentist, and what kind of special training they have.

How Can a Dentist Help Your Child?

It is up to the parents to take their child to the preferred dentist, and it is better to find an expert in handling children. Children’s dentistry has specialists who care for children’s dental needs. Other than that, they are in a much better position to manage specific issues about the child’s oral health. They treat problems in the baby’s teeth and handle developments and emotions that can affect the child’s visit to the dentist.

It is standard for a child to be scared about a dental visit, but a paediatric dentist can offer a positive experience. There are specific reasons why a dentist helps your child.

  • Calm an Agitated Child

A paediatric dentist works with children daily, and therefore, he is familiar with the worries that they have during dental appointments. He can offer a personalised approach depending on the patient’s concerns.

  • Stop Any Bad Habits

Children can have bad habits like teeth grinding and thumb sucking, and it is never easy to stop those habits as they can harm the teeth of the child. The paediatric dentist helps the child teaches the importance of stopping such practices so that the child can have healthy teeth.

Why Should Parents Take Children to the Paediatric Dentist?

There is no doubt that the children dentistry office is colourful and child-friendly. It is common for a dental phobia to be rooted in childhood. Therefore, it is essential that the child feels safe and comfortable and trusts the dentist. Parents need to take their kids to the dentist for the following reasons:

  • Asking questions about ongoing and new dental issues of the child.
  • Discovering how to start an oral care program at home.
  • Finding out whether the child is at risk of developing cavities.
  • Getting information about the unwanted oral habits of the child.
  • Getting reports about how the teeth and jaws of the child are growing and developing.

Does a Paediatric Dentist Come with Special Training?

Usually, a dentist has to take the required courses to achieve a degree from an accredited dental institute. However, a paediatric dentist must have an additional two to three years of training. It makes the individual a specialist in caring for the dental requirements of an infant, a child, and a teenager. With proper training, a child dentist develops the skill and compassion to care for the child.

It is common for children to develop early fear of dentists, and because of this training, it is possible to address issues like anxiety and fear among young patients. Parents should visit a paediatric dentist because of special training rather than going to someone who works with adults and children. Children’s dental needs differ from adults, and only a certified paediatric dentist can understand such differences.

Children Dentistry in Wahroonga, NSW, Australia

A children’s dentist is qualified to meet the dental requirement of an infant, a toddler, and a school-aged child. Wahroonga Dental Group is there for your child’s oral health and is happy to answer any questions about its services. We have board-certified paediatric dentists excited to help your kid develop a beautiful, healthy, and lifelong smile.

If you want to schedule an appointment or consult with our dentists, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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