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Why Dental Implants Are Better Than Dental Bridges

Dental Implants are the popular choice of treatment for missing teeth and with good reason. They have proven to deliver excellent results alongside providing better support and stability. All your other teeth are kept firmly intact and healthy too. There is no need for your other teeth to support your implant. With dentures, your other teeth need to support it for stability.

A bridge is developed with a false tooth cemented next to your natural teeth. An implant is a false tooth attached to a titanium screw infused into your jawbone. They are both shaded appropriately to match your natural teeth.


People are choosing dental implants as the choice of treatment over bridges, but why?

The Five Reasons

  1. Dental Implants Are Long Lasting – Dental Implants are stronger than your natural teeth even if artificial. They can be used the same just as your natural teeth and are expected to last a lifetime. Bridges must be replaced at least 10 to 15 years and require more looking after to be used for this period.
  2. Your Jaw Bone and Structure Are Kept Healthy – Dental Implants prevent any deterioration within your jaw bone, which is also important for biting and chewing of foods. If a tooth isn’t replaced for a long time, the jaw bone begins to deteriorate. The bone is stimulated when the implant is embedded. Dentures will eventually cause further bone loss because they cannot provide stimulation. Compression of the gums with dentures fitted could even increase bone loss faster.
  3. Your Natural Teeth Stay Adjacent and Healthy – When Dental Implants are infused into the jawbone, does not require further support of your natural teeth. Bridges comprise the adjacent of your teeth where the enamel is removed and more force is applied to them. The structure of the teeth is affected each time a bridge is replaced 10 to 15 years after.
  4. It Promotes Better Hygiene – Dental Implants can be cleaned and maintained just like your natural teeth. Oral hygiene care is much simpler as it only requires normal brushing and flossing twice a day. Bridges are more difficult to clean, and you may require further treatment if bridges become decayed or gum problems form.
  5. You Save More Money Over Time – Because dental implants are expected to last a lifetime, you only need to use them once throughout. Bridges typically have a shelf-life no matter how much you look after them and requires replacement.

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So, What Do We Think Is Better?

There are more benefits with implants, especially to your oral health. Bridges pose more risk and implants have now become the standard procedure choice for missing teeth. Be aware that this decision may be made for you initially by the dentist if it turns out your gums and bone structure are weak, which may mean you would only qualify for a bridge.

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