What To Do When You Knock Out A Tooth

Lost Tooth: Proper Handling & Care For Tooth Repair

The outstanding Wahroonga Dental Group services and their team of well trained and highly professional dentists refer to a knocked-out tooth as an ‘avulsed’ tooth. A knocked out tooth constitutes one of the most serious dental emergencies for permanent teeth, although there are dental procedures which can ensure your restored smile.

When dealing with a knocked out tooth, you should understand that all surrounding nerves, blood vessels, and supporting tissues are also damaged as a result of the impact. While the nerves and blood vessels cannot be repaired, the knocked out tooth can be repaired through a dental procedure known as a root canal treatment.

Saving An Avulsed Tooth

When you experience an avulsed tooth, seek immediate professional Wahroonga dental care to ensure that the trauma is well cared for. The odds of saving a permanent tooth that has been knocked out are higher for children and young adults.

Saving your tooth can be done if you follow these steps:

  1. After you’ve experienced the accident which led to knocking out your tooth, be sure to handle the tooth carefully while paying attention not to touch the root part as it can easily be damaged.
  2. For a dirty tooth, hold the upper part (the crown) down and rinse it with milk. In the event there is no milk within reach, rinse it with clean water. It is recommended that you avoid wiping the tooth off with a washcloth, shirt, or other fabric.
  3. Be sure to keep the tooth moist at all times either by submerging it in a glass of milk or place the tooth in your mouth in between the cheek and the gum. For affected young children, storing the tooth in their mouth may present potential risks as they may swallow the tooth. In events such as this, it is recommended that the tooth is to be stored in a glass cup with the child’s saliva to keep it moist or in a cup of water.
  4. In some cases, it is recommended to try slipping the tooth back into its socket. While in some cases the tooth may slip right back into the socket, in other cases, this may be difficult and as such, you should avoid forced entry of the tooth into the vacant space.

Wahroonga Procedures For Saving A Tooth

If you have successfully saved the intact tooth, here’s what the dentist will do:

While replacing the tooth into the socket can sometimes be simple, in other cases, it may not be as straightforward as you thought, especially in the case of a broken tooth. Your dentist is expected to carefully flush the debris off the tooth, properly clean it and the socket, then slip the tooth back into place.  

Re-implantation of the tooth as soon as possible is recommended and this should generally be done within an hour or the accident.

Root Canal For Saving A Tooth

In some cases, especially when a permanent tooth is lost, the dentist may perform a root canal right away, however, the best course of action depends on a number of factors including time between  the accident and dental care.

For tooth replacement, the dentist will splint the knocked out tooth to the teeth on either side with a soft wire or in some cases, a composite material may be used to hold the tooth in place for days till the dentist decides it’s okay to remove.

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