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Things to Ask Your Dentist Prior to Dental Surgery

Here are some Questions to ask your dentist Before Oral Surgery

Dental surgery is becoming more and more common, especially with the advancement of therapies like dental implants & tooth extractions. Oral surgery no longer makes us think of only wisdom teeth removal. It can include anything from smile rehabilitation to sinus lifts to soft tissue grafting. Regardless of what type of dental surgery you are having, there are a few important things you should ask your surgeon prior to your appointment:

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Do I Need a Bone or Soft Tissue Graft?

Bone grafting may be needed for therapies like dental implants if there is not enough natural bone within the jaw. Bone or soft tissue grafts can be taken from another part of your body or even a donor. Some types of grafts are even artificial. There are some dental surgery techniques that can minimize the need for bone grafting. Make sure and ask your surgeon whether they feel bone or tissue grafting will be required.

Will Sinus Surgery Be Necessary?

Sinus lifts may be needed if the sinus cavity has collapsed into the jaw, due to missing teeth. Placing an implant in this area could rupture the sinus lining and create chronic discomfort or infection. Your surgeon will determine whether or not a sinus lift is necessary by inspecting your full mouth images such as x-rays or CT scans.

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What Should My Recovery Look Like?

Depending on what type of dental surgery you have, some people may experience little discomfort while others can expect tenderness for 7-10 days. Ask your surgeon what is normal for your proposed treatment and ask for an emergency contact number should a complication arise.

What Can I Eat After My Surgery?

Some dental surgeons will want you to have a soft or liquid diet for the first 24 hours after your surgery. Other types of treatments may need you to wait a few days. You don’t want to eat or drink something that might be harmful to your surgical site.

When Can I Return for m Restoration?

Some surgeons insist on a wait time after a dental implant surgery prior to the abutment and restoration (crown, bridge, or denture) being placed. This length of time varies from patient to patient, especially if additional bone grafting is needed. At Wahroonga Dental, we usually place a restoration on the same day the implant is placed.

Will I Need Something for Pain?

Discomfort is always a concern during dental surgery. Some procedures may leave you uncomfortable for a few days while others result in no sensitivity at all. Your dental surgeon may recommend an over the counter medication or a prescription pain pill, depending on what is being completed.

Is Sedation an Option?

Always ask what sedation options are available. Sedation can make dental surgery go by much quicker and as comfortably as possible. Even patients without any type of anxiety toward dental care can benefit from sedation during their treatment.

Are There Any Contraindications in My Medical History?

Your medical history or medications that you take could contain information that contraindicates your dental surgery. Always discuss these concerns with your dentist as well as your physician and never discontinue any medication unless directed by your medical doctor.  Remember that even a daily aspirin is considered medication.

Will I Need to Come Back?

If your surgeon places sutures, it may be necessary to come back to have them removed (unless they are dissolvable).  Your dentist may want to examine the site of your dental surgery to assess the healing and recovery.

Do I Have a Complete List of Costs?

Are there any fees that I am going to have to pay as part of my treatment that has not already been discussed and documented?  As an example, does the cost of my dental implant treatment include the crown or prosthesis? What Happens if Something Breaks or Fails.  How Long is the Warranty Period? If a dental implant fails or a prosthesis breaks, who pays to have it replaced or repaired? How long is the warranty period and exactly what does it cover?  Please see our page on dental implant costs for more information.

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