How Long Do Root Canals Last?

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Root canal treatment is required if the pulp becomes infected or inflamed. When this happens, it’s not only your teeth and gums that are in danger, it’s your bone as well. Without strong bone density, your teeth can fall out. 

Dentists have served root canal treatment for years very successfully, but how long do root canals last? Many factors impact how long a healthy root canal lasts, but first, let’s take a look at how a root canal is performed in more detail to help you get a better understanding. 

What Are The Stages Of A Root Canal?

There are three separate stages to a root canal.

  • Step 1 – Controlling The Infection
      • The dentist numbs the affected area and applies a rubber dam around the tooth to avoid saliva from touching it. The dentist then accesses the affected area and cleans the tooth to eliminate bacteria.
  • Step 2 – Clean The Root Canal
      • Similar to step 1, but the dentist will then perform a thorough clean of the root canal so there’s no danger of an infection forming.
  • Step 3 – Fill The Root Canal
    • The root filling is then placed with a Gutta Percha before a permanent filling is applied. To complete the treatment, the new crown is cemented on top. 

The Factors That Impact How Long Do Root Canals Last

Root canals are not a permanent solution, but how long root canals last depends on how well its looked after. 

Controlling The Infection

A key factor of how long root canals last is how deep the infection has spread. This can cause further complications when it comes to treatment and it’s unknown whether the tooth can be saved and repaired. Therefore, if your tooth is infected, get an appointment booked in as soon as possible so the infection doesn’t get worse.

Timing Is Key

As part of root canal treatment, the quality of the treatment will reduce the larger the infection is. Therefore, it is important that you get yourself in for an appointment as early as possible so the tooth can be restored. The longer the wait, the higher the complications.

Maintain Strong Oral Hygiene

Strong oral hygiene keeps your natural teeth as strong and healthy as possible. Doing so will mean the tooth won’t need to be extracted, and extracting a tooth can cause more complications to your oral health. Therefore, general oral hygiene such as brushing and flossing your teeth is key. This ensures bone stimulation, and strong bone is vital to the success of root canal treatment.

Protect The Root Canal Itself

As part of treatment, consider placing a dental crown, or cap, over the root canal to maintain its shelf life. The tooth will crack faster the more stress it’s under, and a crown can help prevent this from happening. This is something the dentist will likely recommend at your appointment.

So, How Long Do Root Canals Last?

With these factors in mind, it is safe to say that it is in your control to ensure the root canal stays healthy and that you can experience its long-term effectiveness. If you feel your root canal is going through complications, or you have further questions on how long do root canals last, consult your dentist.

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