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How Dental Implants Can Save Your Smile

Everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of strong and healthy teeth. If you’re looking for a dental solution that strengthens your ability to eat, speak and laugh due to missing or severely damaged tooth, consider dental implant treatment.

As we get older, more wear-and-tear develops on teeth. Not only this, but missing teeth significantly decreases your confidence and hides your smile. It also increases the chances of further oral health problems. When a tooth is lost, it affects the way your mouth functions. You would want to eat, smile and laugh normally and it’s difficult to return to this state if you’ve experienced problems with your teeth.

Dental Implant Solutions

So, how can dental implants save your smile? Although dental implants are one of the new forms of treatment available, they deliver outstanding results. Here’s why dental implants can save your smile.

The Five Key Reasons

  1. An Implant Is A Permanent Natural Fit – Many treatment options offer temporary solutions for missing teeth. Dental implants are a more permanent fixture. Because the implant is infused into your jaw bone, they’re solid in position and won’t slip or side around like dentures. Implants are expected to last forever if looked after appropriately.
  2. You Can’t Tell That Its An Implant – When an implant is placed, the shade of it is colored so that it matches the exact color of your natural teeth. Therefore, when you smile, your implant cannot be noticed. Continue to smile naturally and confidently without the fear of anyone noticing you have an implant fitted.
  3. It Protects the Shape Of Your Face – When you’re missing a tooth, the bone stops stimulating. The bone is important because it maintains the natural strength and structure of your teeth and face. As the bone stop stimulating, it begins to deteriorate, causing the shape of your face to change, making you look older than you are. An implant preserves the bone so that your natural teeth also stay strong.
  4. Implants Do Not Require High Maintenance To Preserve Your Smile – Once your implants are in place, treat them like natural teeth. Continue to brush and floss daily and maintain a balanced diet. That is all it takes to keep your implants healthy for as long as possible.
  5. Your Biting Force is Restored – Without a natural biting force, you cannot eat your favorite foods without some discomfort. Your muscles need to contract and function with the strength which comes from your jaw muscle. With strong jaw muscles comes a strong biting force. Implants are strong enough to bite down on food just like your natural teeth.

Dental Implants are now considered the best treatment choice ahead of dentures or bridges. Click here to find out why.

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To Conclude…

The enjoyment that you get out of using your natural teeth can also experience with dental implants. Whilst there are many benefits that are gained from an implant, there is a heavy responsibility in ensuring that they are treated and looked after naturally. If you’re concerned about the level force and impact of an implant, all you need to know is that once the implant settles, it doesn’t require any special treatment. You’ll begin to eat, chew and speak confidently.

Are you after a natural solution to a missing gap? Dental Implants will fill that with a handful of benefits to restore that natural smile. Hornsby Dentist is ready to serve you. Click here to get checked in now with us!


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