Have You Fractured Your Tooth?

pain from a tooth fracture

It is common for a fractured tooth to occur. Teeth may be incredibly durable and strong, but they do go through a lot every day and are prone to daily wear and tear. When this happens, it can increase the chances of your teeth cracking, chipping or breaking. Even the smallest chips in the tooth are unnoticeable. Some fractures are largely visible, or easy to feel with your tongue. There may also be cases where the nerve inside the tooth is exposed, causing sensitivity.

Fractured teeth can be diagnosed, but it is ultimately dependent on the severity of the fracture. If you’ve experienced a minor chip, it can be easily treated by the dentist. A broken or severe fractured will require emergency treatment. 

Learn about the causes of a fractured tooth, and how you can prevent yourself from having the same problem.

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Biting Down On A Hard Object

It has become a bad habit for many to use their teeth to bite down on hard objects. Objects such as biting on ice, a surface or on hard candy can fracture your teeth. The impact on your teeth can be severe, and the fracture can range from light to severe.

Opening Packaging

Where there are no scissors close by, another natural habit is for people to use their front teeth when opening any packaging. It is simple and efficient to do, but with the added risk of causing severe damage to your teeth. Ensure that you use the available opening equipment such as scissors and a knife at all times. If you continue to use your teeth to open packaging, you may not see or feel any damage after it, but it can cause wear and tear, making it easier for damage to occur with your teeth.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a hidden condition, meaning that you grind your teeth when you least expect to. For example, those that grind their teeth are more than likely to do it when they sleep, or when they’re under stress. This causes natural wear and tear and a solution to this is to wear a dental mouthguard. Wearing this place a gap between the upper and lower teeth to avoid them grinding together.

Cavities And Old Fillings

When cavities form in the centre of a tooth, the natural solution to resolve them is with dental filling treatment. A dislodged filling can offer a greater chance for bacteria or infection to penetrate within the centre of the tooth, but cavities can also lead to cracks in the tooth. Old fillings that can no longer support the entire tooth is a sign that it needs replacing immediately.

Man Brushing His Teeth

Brushing Teeth Too Hard

Are you guilty of brushing your teeth too hard? Doing so will cause a fracture and it is one of the common oral hygiene mistakes people make. The bristles need to be looked after so they can clean your teeth. Once the bristles are worn out, your toothbrush becomes unusable.

The severity of the fracture depends on how big the fracture is and where it is located. A small chip should have minimal discomfort, whereas a larger fracture can cause sensitivity and irritation. If left untreated, the nerves and blood vessels cannot heal, causing your tooth to be unusable, requiring tooth extraction.

If you’ve suffered from a fractured tooth and need emergency treatment, contact us at Wahroonga Dental Group today and let us restore your smile. Click here to get started.


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