Has Your Dental Filling Fallen Out?

dental filling dislodged

The most common form of tooth fillings is to plug a cavity (a hole) in the centre of the tooth. Although sometimes, a dental filling doesn’t last forever and there may be occasions where a new filling will be needed. This is especially if your dental filling has fallen out or the dental filling has dislodged.

A dislodged feeling can be common. You’re eating at the dinner table and all of a sudden you chow down on something but feel something shifts in the tooth. If that’s the case, there’s a chance that you’ll find a dislodged dental filling.

Although a dislodged dental filling is a serious matter, this doesn’t mean you should panic. The first step you would need to take is to consult the dentist to book an appointment. The dentist will seek to replace the filling.

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If You Cannot Visit The Dentist…

There are some steps you can take if you cannot get an immediate appointment.

  1. Keep And Protect The Filling – Do not throw the filling away because the dentist will always attempt to repair it first. Simply place the filling in a sealable bag and take it with you to your appointment.
  2. Clean The Surface Area – Once the dental filling has dislodged, brush around the affected tooth carefully so any food debris is removed. Food can easily penetrate in and around the tooth, and by doing this, there is more chance of bacteria build-up and an infection with a hole. Hence, you need to keep it clean.
  3. Reduce Sensitivity – It is unknown whether you’ll experience any form of sensitivity left by the filling. This can tend to happen with a dislodged dental filling because the nerve is exposed. Consider numbing the area with over-the-counter medication, but only do this is you’re feeling sensitivity.
  4. Eat Softer Foods Before Your Appointment – The worst thing you can do is make the tooth worse by biting down on hard or chewy foods. The tooth does not need any unnecessary pressure. Therefore, ensure that you consume a softer diet temporarily and eat on the other side of the mouth.
  5. Consider Purchasing Dental Cement – You can apply the filling back on top of the affected tooth by purchasing dental cement from a pharmacy. You need to take a little bit of cement and place it in the hole. Use a moist cotton swab to tamp it down. You need to ensure the filling isn’t disturbed if it’s stable.


Avoid Aggravating The Issue…

A dental filling is a sign of a fractured tooth. One thing you mustn’t do is aggravate the issue if the above steps do not work. You will need to look after the affected tooth a lot more than usual. Two things that you can be in control of is what you eat and how well you look after the affected tooth before your appointment. Ensure that the affected area is kept clean before your appointment. If the affected tooth gets worse, you will need to contact the dentist again to be booked in for emergency treatment.

If your dental filling has dislodged, Wahroonga Dental Group is ready to help. Book your appointment right now by clicking here.


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