Dermal Filler Treatments

A big, bright smile can light up a room, make people happy and encourage people to be positive. How happy and vibrant is your smiling face?

  • STOP facial ageing in its tracks & get a happier, fresher looking face with dermal fillers
  • Get AMAZING lasting results with a FRESH look

Find out all you need to know about cosmetic dermal fillers & book a consultation with our team today

You may have seen both positive & negative results about dermal fillers & you may initially be skeptical or worried about this type of cosmetic treatment which is completely normal. We are often exposed to people on TV & in the Media who are often way overfilled & don’t have a subtle, natural look about them however with the best treatment we can deliver incredible results.


What is involved in a Dermal Filling Consultation 

Throughout your consultation, our dermal filler specialist will discuss the most suitable treatment plans based on your circumstances which will allow us to deliver a completely natural and gorgeous look leaving you with a with a more vibrant, younger face.

In this initial consultation we will invest time to educate you on what the process looks  like, how many visits we recommend & importantly the aftercare to ensure your anti-wrinkle treatment is sustainable and long lasting. We will also recommend the best form of dermal filler based on your desired look.

With your goals in mind, we will develop a custom treatment plan so you have a level of control on the extent of facial work you'd like to get done & what kind of time frames you would like to see these results in. If you have a concept or look in mind, We can help turn this into a reality for you with our professionals.

Wahroonga Dental Group look forward to sharing our portfolio highlighting before and after images which allow you to see where the filler treatment has been performed. Within this portfolio our cosmetic dermal filler specialist will guide you on the the perfect placement and treatment using some anecdotal examples. These are a great reference point so you can be clear on the kind of results with dermal fillers for your face or fillers for lips.



Why should I consider dermal filler treatment? 

At Wahroonga, our patients are typically concerned that they appear as though they look tired or stressed. This can also relate to natural ageing however the degree of this ageing process and the wrinkles is completely in your control.

We give you back the control to be happy, confident and vibrant so you can avoid sagging cheeks, looking run down & generally lift your face. The use of dermal fillers allows you to have a more balanced facial structure which can then match your other facial features more consistently.

In a lot of circumstances our patients have noticed a worse  skin quality in a certain area and are now seeking the best ways to revive their skin quality. A key driver and benefit of cosmetic dermal fillers is a unique characteristic in that dermal fillers attract water which provides the superficial layer a hydrated appearance.


Are you looking for Dermal Filler before and after images? 

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Flexible Payment Options

Health Funds

With the convenience of Hicaps we can claim on-the-spot with almost all health funds including Medibank, BUPA, HBF, HCF, NIB, CHBS & many more. If you want to know if your private health fund is accepted please call our team today.

Payment Plans

We understand the importance of financial well-being of our patients. We can arrange flexible payment plans for your comprehensive dental treatments to better manage the costs associated.