Cracked Tooth After Root Canal: Can It Be Saved?


Have you suffered from a cracked tooth after the root canal? Wondering why? Whilst healthy teeth are prone to cracks. A root canal is too. There are many reasons why natural teeth can crack, and sometimes it occurs unexpectedly for many reasons.

This also goes for a failed root canal. Root canal treatment has proven to be very successful for many years, and one of the unexpected side effects is that the root canal tooth is prone to fracture. Whilst there is rarely any pain, the fracture is difficult to spot on x-rays. This means it’s also difficult to spot at home, but a visit to the dentist would be necessary so the root canal can be visualised to search for the crack.

It is important to note that the root canal tooth is weaker than the natural tooth. This is because the pulp in the tooth root has been taken out. 

How Do I Know If My Root Canal Tooth Is Cracked?

The truth is, it’s very difficult to determine if a root canal tooth is cracked at home. You’re unlikely to experience any pain when this happens. Although, if there is pain, it’s a chance that the crack is severe and is having an impact in and around the gum line. 

Therefore, the best recommendation is to visit the dentist for root canal check-ups regularly. The dentist will take x-rays if necessary or a fibre-optic light to make detecting any cracks in the root canal easier. 

What Happens If My Root Canal Tooth Is Cracked?

The dentist will need to treat the broken root canal tooth. In some circumstances, the dentist may need to perform the root canal again, but in most cases, the tooth will be restored through a dental crown so that the tooth is protected from further damage.

There is likely to be a cost attached to a broken root canal tooth. 

What Are The Symptoms Of A Cracked Tooth After Root Canal?

If you’re worried that you’re showing a symptom of a cracked root canal tooth, then it’s likely to be either of the following:

  • Sensitivity when you’re eating, specifically when biting down on hot and cold foods
  • Persistent toothache within the root canal area
  • Feeling a sharp crack when running the tooth through your tongue

If left untreated, the crack can get bigger and bigger. The worst thing about it is when it begins to penetrate your gum line, and this can cause bacteria build-up and gum disease.

What Should I Expect To Happen At The Dentist?

At an appointment, the dentist will perform a thorough examination of your broken tooth and determine where the cracks are, and whether there’s been any impact on your gums. The dentist will perform x-rays for this if necessary. 

Treatment for a broken root canal tooth is straightforward. The dentist is likely to restore the tooth with a dental crown so that the cracked tooth after the root canal is protected from further damage.

A crack that is severe beyond repair will need to be extracted. This will leave a gap in your tooth, and the dentist will likely recommend alternative forms of treatment to replace the gap, such as a dental implant.

Does It Cost To Repair A Broken Root Canal Tooth?

The cost of treating a broken root canal tooth depends on how complicated the issue is. Whilst a repair typically costs less than endodontic treatment. There will be a cost attached to it. It is also worth checking to see if private insurance can cover costs if you’re struggling to afford them. 

A broken root canal tooth needs to be seen as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing any sort of pain, then consult your dentist to get an appointment.


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