Cracked Tooth After Root Canal: Can It Be Saved?

Have you suffered from a cracked tooth after the root canal? Wondering why? Whilst healthy teeth are prone to cracks. A root canal is too. There are many reasons why natural teeth can crack, and sometimes it occurs unexpectedly for many reasons. This also goes for a failed root canal. Root canal treatment has proven

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girl wearing her invisalign

Step-By-Step To How Invisalign Works

Do you want to know how long Invisalign takes to work so you can reap the rewards of a strong white smile? It’s a natural question that many people want to know the answer to because we all want to see results as soon as possible in life, including the need for those pearly whites

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how long does invisalign take to work

How Long Does Invisalign Take To Work?

Do you wonder how long does Invisalign take to work so that you get the best results for your smile? It’s a natural question because we all want results to be as quick as possible in life, and this goes for Invisalign too. Invisalign is just one of the other orthodontic treatments designed to give

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how much does invisalign cost

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Invisalign is a recent cosmetic phenomenon for people who want to straighten their teeth but also to preserve their smiling confidence. In comparison to traditional braces, which also have the same objective, they can make people feel self-conscious because metal braces aren’t aesthetically pleasing.  So, What Is Invisalign? Invisalign are clear, transparent aligners that are

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Orthodontist Wahroonga

Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

Problems with teeth alignment can affect people’s daily lives, including eating, speaking, and even their smiles. To fix a misaligned bite or crooked teeth, dentists use orthodontic devices commonly known as braces. In recent years, Invisalign rose to popularity as a substitute for traditional braces. Find out if Invisalign is a better solution for teeth

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