Dental Crown

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Foods To Avoid With A Dental Crown

One of the critical uses of a dental crown is to protect your natural tooth from further damage. No matter the size, strength and appearance of your natural tooth, the crown will be moulded in any shape to be placed around the tooth in situations where the tooth is weak, chipped, cracked or even to

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Benefits of Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a solution option for many dental treatments. Whilst many patients have heard about a dental crown and what it entails, some are unsure of the effectiveness of crowns and how it benefits oral health. A dental crown is a custom-developed cap that offers protection around a tooth. Crowns are considered a

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What To Do With A Broken Dental Crown

A dental crown is considered a dental cap to protect teeth from further damage to its size and shape. They are useful to cover cracks and protect dental implants. But what should you do if your dental crown is broken? There are a variety of thoughts that creep into the mind, such as whether it

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