Cosmetic Dentistry


How Long Do Tooth Fillings Last?

First of all, let’s quash one of the myths surrounding tooth filling treatment; they’re not a permanent solution. This is why patients ask the question: how long do fillings last?  Getting the most out of your filling has several factors to it. Notably, these factors surrounding how well you look after your filling for it

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Hornsby Dentist Whitening

Your Guide To Cosmetic Dentistry Aftercare

If you’ve just completed cosmetic dentistry treatment whether it be a fitted dental veneer, dental implants or teeth whitening treatment, the next is to look after those pearly whites so they stay nice and shiny. Once your treatment is complete, it doesn’t mean your teeth will stay white on its own. The following cosmetic dentistry

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Your Guide to Dental Veneer Treatment For A Smile Makeover

Dental Veneers are a ready-made replacement to transform that beaming smile.  They are a worthwhile option to treat various cosmetic concerns such as chipped teeth, discoloration and general appearance. You may also look to have veneers placed to treat gum disease. They are not the same as crowns or implants because they cover the front

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