Check-Up and Clean

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The Best Foods For Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can range from mild to severe and occur almost at any time. You’ll likely feel tooth sensitivity when you brush your teeth when eating and drinking hot or cold foods, and general pain within hot and cold temperatures. There are many factors that could cause tooth sensitivity, such as a worn-out enamel, exposed

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Lady Hiding Her Smile Due To Bad Oral Health

Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes

Do you feel that you’re carrying out a strong oral routine, yet you’re not seeing the results you’d expect with your teeth? It is very likely that whilst you’re performing the right steps that constitute a strong oral routine, the problem is likely to be that you’re not performing the steps correctly. There is a

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Lady Brushing Teeth

Hidden Tips For Strong Oral Hygiene

Strong oral hygiene is one of the daily fundamentals of life, and if you’re not performing the correct steps, it will show on your teeth and gums. Achieving strong teeth and gums requires a lifetime of care and it can be easy to neglect oral hygiene if you’ve been told by the dentist that you

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