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    Root Canal Emergency Dental

    The Real Truth About Root Canal Treatment

    You’ve probably heard many different opinions surrounding root canal treatment. Some say a positive and some say a negative. The internet is full of myths and misconceptions surrounding root canal treatment. So, what is the real truth? Root canal treatment is misunderstood with many articles expressing different opinions. It is hard to know what to believe.

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    Dental Emergency 1

    Why Does My Jaw Hurt? The Common Causes Of Jaw Pain

    If you experience jaw pain, it can be a sign of something common like oral pain or toothache. Throbbing jaw pain can be caused by many things. Pain becomes more susceptible and could become inflamed. Thankfully, dentistry has all the viable solutions available to reduce your jaw pain and to make sure your teeth are

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    Can Sedation Dentistry Be Used For Children?

    It can be difficult to prepare children for their first appointment with the dentist. The safety and comfort of children is the prime consideration for parents and ultimately, this involves making sure children are comfortable and prepared to step up to the dental chair for the first time. Whilst there are many techniques that can

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    Hornsby Dentist Whitening

    Your Guide To Cosmetic Dentistry Aftercare

    If you’ve just completed cosmetic dentistry treatment whether it be a fitted dental veneer, dental implants or teeth whitening treatment, the next is to look after those pearly whites so they stay nice and shiny. Once your treatment is complete, it doesn’t mean your teeth will stay white on its own. The following cosmetic dentistry

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    Dental Implants Wahroonga

    How Dental Implants Can Save Your Smile

    Everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of strong and healthy teeth. If you’re looking for a dental solution that strengthens your ability to eat, speak and laugh due to missing or severely damaged tooth, consider dental implant treatment. As we get older, more wear-and-tear develops on teeth. Not only this, but missing teeth significantly decreases

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    hornsby dentist

    The Most Common Teeth Whitening Treatments

    Advanced dental technology has made Teeth Whitening treatment simpler and more effective to deliver long-term results. Not only do pearly whites improve confidence and self-esteem, but a shiny smile demonstrates positive wellbeing. Teeth Whitening delivers an exceptional range of benefits that transforms the quality of your life. Having said that, it is important that you

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