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Orthodontist Wahroonga

Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

Problems with teeth alignment can affect people’s daily lives, including eating, speaking, and even their smiles. To fix a misaligned bite or crooked teeth, dentists use orthodontic devices commonly known as braces. In recent years, Invisalign rose to popularity as a substitute for traditional braces. Find out if Invisalign is a better solution for teeth

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Paediatric Dental Procedures You Need To Know

Every parent aims to give their children a beautiful future. They want to prepare their children for the world by giving them a quality education, a fulfilling life, love, and care. In your efforts to do this, have you considered including dental care in the plan? Find out why paediatric dentistry is important and what

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cavities formed on teeth

What Are The Different Types Of Cavity?

A dental cavity is one of the most common dental issues. Sometimes, you feel a little twinge in your mouth when biting down on food. This indicates a sign that you have sensitive teeth or weaker bone owing to a calcium deficiency, for example. The pain will likely grow when this happens as well.  If

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calcium foods for strong oral health

Are You Showing Signs Of Calcium Deficiency?

Are you eating the right foods to protect your oral health? If your oral health is showing signs of degrading, then it might well be due to the food and drink you eat. There are certain properties that your oral health needs so you can shine off those strong pearly whites every single day. What

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Keeping Bone Health Strong With Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium is a vital property for strong enamel but also for bone health because it reduces osteoporosis. Not only that, but a healthy smile goes a long way in demonstrating a better quality of life. In order to enjoy a healthy smile, there are two properties that you would need to thank: Calcium and Vitamin

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Acid Attack On Enamel

Understanding How Acid Damages Teeth

If you’re regularly drinking sodas and eating sugary snacks as part of your diet, have you consciously noticed how this has degraded your teeth? You may need to consider changing your diet before your teeth get progressively worse. Let’s understand how this impacts your acidic levels and how acid damages teeth. To put it simply,

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Hornsby Dental Clinic

What Can You Do About Tooth Abrasion?

If you care for your teeth, the results of this are a strong, white smile that can last almost a lifetime. Caring for your teeth with strong oral hygiene requires daily care. If your oral health does not get the necessary care it needs, you will begin to suffer with tooth wear. The most common

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person with crooked teeth

Understanding The Different Types Of Tooth Wear

Bone and tissue grow through maturity but equally break down as we inevitably age. When this happens, teeth begin to wear down and damage your smile. This can be escalated further if you do not look after your oral health. Tooth wear can be experienced as early as the teenage years. Tooth wear is defined

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foods for strong bone

The Best Foods For Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can range from mild to severe and occur almost at any time. You’ll likely feel tooth sensitivity when you brush your teeth when eating and drinking hot or cold foods, and general pain within hot and cold temperatures. There are many factors that could cause tooth sensitivity, such as a worn-out enamel, exposed

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dental filling treatment

How To Take Care Of Your Filling

If you’ve recently had an opening (hole in the tooth) filled to cover a cavity, the filling needs to be taken care of appropriately. Your dental filling strength and durability depend on how well you look after it, and taking the right precautionary steps will be necessary. If your dental filling isn’t looked after, then

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