A Child’s First Dental Appointment – What Should You Expect?

Has your child’s first tooth begun to grow? It’s time to book an appointment for a dental check-up.

The arrival of your child’s first tooth is monumental, and you need to think about booking them in for an appointment. Hornsby Dentist wants to ensure that milk teeth grow and develop healthily. It is common for milk teeth to develop cavity if children are not aware of how to look after them. As a parent, you must be proactive in ensuring their mouth is healthy enough for teeth to keep growing.

This also helps with advice and check-ups from the pediatric dentist. The first dental visit is usually short and typically involves your child meeting the friendly pediatric dentist. Hornsby Dentist has all the necessary equipment available to transform the dental room into a kid’s haven so that they can enjoy their first experience.


As a parent, it is also important you understand what to expect in your child’s first visit so that you can keep them calm and happy on the way to the pediatric dentist. Here are a few tips on what to expect during your child’s first dental appointment.

The Essential Tips

  • Educating Them of Good Hygiene and Habits– The pediatric dentist is expected to speak to your child in a friendly and basic language tongue to help them understand why it is important to look after teeth growing up and the benefits of them. This includes keeping a healthy smile, speech sharpness and being able to chew favorite foods. After all, healthy smiles start at a young age.
  • Discussion of Children Diet – The pediatric dentist may typically ask about your child’s diet at the appointment. This is simply to ensure as a parent you are aware of foods that may develop decay in teeth. Constant snacking or sipping from a cup are common causes of decay. While growing up, your child will become accustomed to a more balanced diet.
  • Brushing Experiences At Home – To instill positive hygiene habits, it is recommended that you make your child’s experience of brushing teeth more fun. You can do this with sticker charts and creative games. Provide compliments and treats if they keep up their positive routine. Alongside this make sure you remind them of the need to look after their teeth.
  • Regular Appointment Cycles – The pediatric dentist will recommend booking your child in for regular check-ups. This is simply to make sure that your child’s teeth are developing and growing healthily. A good recommendation is to book them in twice a year or every 6 months.

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To Conclude…

Visiting the pediatric dentist for the first time is a new experience for a child. If your child cries or whines a little bit, this is all part of a new experience and is nothing to worry about. As a parent, a great way to make sure your child looks after their teeth away from the pediatric dentist is to make their experience as fun as possible. Children love to smile, and it is important for well-being to keep smiling brightly through to adulthood.

Do you see your child’s first tooth? It is time to book them in for their first appointment. We recommend booking your child in at least two weeks in advance so that you can prepare your child for their first visit.  Contact us at Hornsby Dentist now to check them in!


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