5 Key Benefits Why You Should Save Your Natural Tooth

Suffering from tooth pain is one of the most painful experiences. This is typically due to your tooth either becoming infected or diseased and even if pulling your tooth out is the simple decision to make, it might not necessarily be the best decision. Why? Because the benefits of saving your natural teeth outweigh any benefits of removing it altogether. Although the pain stems from your natural teeth they are a fundamental part of your complex system of nerve, tissue, and bones. Therefore, the first choice should always be to save the tooth.

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We have picked out 5 key benefits of why saving the natural tooth is the right choice:

  1. Natural Teeth Are Strong Than Artificial Teeth – Natural teeth are strong and function more naturally than artificial ones. You maintain the natural structure of the mouth and jaw, and you will have no worries in chewing food normally. Having artificial teeth fitted risks bone loss and a lack of bite. When you chew, your brain understands how hard to chew so you don’t bite too hard. You can preserve the natural tooth by performing Endodontic therapy.
  2. More Affordable Option – Saving your natural teeth is very cost-effective, unlike getting an artificial replacement. When getting a replacement, you will need to look out for extra maintenance costs, along with future treatments should anything go wrong.
  3. You Maintain Your Youthful Looking Appearance – The alignment and structure of your other teeth can easily get damaged if you choose to get Tooth Extraction treatment. In-turn, this also may affect speech impediment and chewing of your food.
  4. It Is A Much Less Painful Procedure – Saving your natural tooth is typically performed with root canal treatment, and it is less painful than a tooth extraction. Although there may be a slight discomfort, this is managed through pain medication. If the tooth is in pain yet the majority of the natural tooth still exists, then having your tooth taken out altogether significantly increases the chance of getting an infection.
  5. Maintain Your Natural Smile – The structure of your other teeth will be affected should you choose tooth extraction procedure. Upon evaluation of the problem tooth, it is more likely that root canal will be the natural choice of procedure. Knowing that you have your natural tooth kept intact also keeps your natural smile. Your smile if you get dentures, bridges or veneers won’t feel as comfortable, reducing confidence and feelings of misaligned mouth.

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The Bottom Line

We have picked out the 5 key reasons why saving your natural tooth is the best choice. In the future, consider these tips to preserve your natural looking teeth for as long as possible.

  • Brush your teeth twice per day and floss once per day (Click here for information tips on flossing)
  • Begin to develop a balanced diet to keep your body healthy and functioning appropriately
  • Visit the dentist for regular check-ups to avoid future health issues

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